Excellent well-stocked fishing lakes, 1.75 acres mixed fishing with carp up to 27lb. Roach to 2lb, Bream to 6lb , tench 4lb, Perch 4.5lb. . Also a large pond next to the cottages with mixed fishing. All the fishing within South Reed Farm is included in your cottage price.


This small lake is right outside the cottages, stocked with Carp up to 12lb and lots of Roach ,Rudd and Tench. Fishing included in the cottage price.


All the species in this lake Carp uto 27lb, lots of 10lb plus specimens which fight well above their weight. The Roach and Perch are famous with Roach at 2lb and Perch caught in 2011 at 4lb 8oz. the bream are upto 6lb and Rudd upto a 1lb. Fishing included in the cottage price.